Sussex Light

PUBLISHED: 10:22 23 December 2010 | UPDATED: 13:48 15 July 2015

Sussex (Light)

Sussex (Light)

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A British table bird that is docile and easily tamed

Sussex Light

Origin: Britain

Classification: Heavy, soft feather

Size: Large fowl and bantam

Function: Table

Egg colour: Tinted

Temperament: Docile, easily tamed

Bred originally as a table bird, hens will also lay a quantity of good-quality eggs, which makes it a useful dual-purpose breed for the kitchen garden and also commercially, as Sussex crosses make fine producers of both meat and eggs. Calm and docile, it’s a good chicken for the beginner and easily tamed. Colours are speckled, brown, buff, light (Columbian), red, silver, and white.

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