PUBLISHED: 10:34 23 December 2010 | UPDATED: 13:46 15 July 2015



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An ornamental breed from Turkey


Origin: Turkey

Classification: Light, rare

Size: Large fowl and bantam

Function: Ornamental

Egg colour: White

Temperament: Placid, relatively easily tamed

A truly ornamental breed descended from a group of birds imported by Elizabeth Watts in 1854, the Sultan is not particularly popular but does have a dedicated following. The breed standard lists a crest, beard, vulture hocks, feathered legs, five toes and white plumage as attributes – features that in many other breeds would be classed as faults. Placid and good-natured birds, they should be provided with an enclosed and sheltered run, with specialist drinkers to prevent the beard becoming soiled. The only recognised colour is white.

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