PUBLISHED: 10:41 23 December 2010 | UPDATED: 13:39 15 July 2015

Seabright (Male)

Seabright (Male)

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A true bantam British ornamental


Origin: Britain

Classification: True bantam

Size: Bantam

Function: Ornamental

Egg colour: White through

to cream

Temperament: Active, easily tamed

Made in the early 1800s by Sir John Sebright to create a laced bantam, the Sebright is unusual in that the male has similar feathering to the female and is said to be ‘henny-feathered’, lacking the typical male plumage; which as a consequence means both males and females are beautifully laced all over. Active and inquisitive, Sebrights make good tame pets and can be kept in a relatively small space, although you’ll not get many eggs. Males are tolerant of each other and not particularly shrill or noisy. Unfortunately the Sebright is susceptible to Marek’s Disease, so you’ll need to ensure stock is vaccinated unless you prefer to breed for resistance. Colours are silver laced and gold laced.

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