PUBLISHED: 10:10 23 December 2010 | UPDATED: 11:34 15 July 2015



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A active but shy breed orginating in Italy


Origin: Italy

Classification: Light, soft feather

Size: Large fowl and bantam

Function: Layer

Egg colour: White through cream

Temperament: Active, shy

Typified by its mottled feathers, giving an overall white spotted appearance on a beetle green background, the Ancona gets its name from Ancona province in Italy. The red comb may be single or rose and in the female will fall to one side of the face and is complemented by neat earlobes that should be white. The legs are mottled yellow, with four evenly spaced toes. A shy and aloof bird, it requires gentle handling and high fencing, although it will produce a good quantity of eggs as a reward for your efforts and can become tame to a degree.

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