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PUBLISHED: 10:12 03 March 2011 | UPDATED: 10:21 03 March 2011

Competition prize

Competition prize

Your Chickens

To celebrate the launch of Your Chickens, we have a fabulous hen house to be won

How to enter

To enter this fantastic competition to win a bespoke hen house worth £975 you will need to get the first three issues of Your Chickens - if you have missed any issues you can order back copies by calling 01858 438434.

You need to collect the three differently numbered tokens, and afix them to the entry form in the April issue. Then, complete the form and send it to us. The closing date for entries is 15 April 2011.

Give your hens the ultimate in chicken luxury. Your Chickens, in association with Feathers Animal Housing, is giving you the chance to win your hens a lovely new home, the bespoke Norfolk Premiere Plus, worth £975.

The Norfolk family of houses is already one of Feathers’ most successful ranges, and this new model tops the lot. It is made of Canadian redwood and the roof is made of red cedar. The solid timbers have been pressure treated and painted using Jotun Demi-Dek.

The Premiere Plus has solid steel wheels and handles, and internally all joints are sealed and painted. It also has a washable interior with drain holes, a galvanised metal droppings tray, and removable perches and nest boxes. For peace of mind it comes with a three-year warranty.

The Norfolk family of chicken houses is available in three standard sizes, with the addition of a mini 2/3 bird house and run and the

four-bird starter kit. Feathers produce two styles - the Economy (hand built from 14mm redwood shiplap) and Premier (hand built from 20mm redwood shiplap).

All the Norfolk models have nest boxes that can be accessed from the outside and, along with the perches, are fully removable. There is a full size door to the front for easy access and cleaning and pop holes which can be fitted either side so you can alternate the position of a run. All models have a thick vinyl reusable floor mat which can be removed for cleaning.

A range of options are available for all Feathers chicken houses, including staining, painting, wheels and handles. The company also supplies a selection of poultry breeds, feeders and runs.

To find out more about the Norfolk range and other Feathers products, visit or call 01366 500828.

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