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Marsh Daisy

PUBLISHED: 14:58 30 December 2010 | UPDATED: 12:25 15 July 2015

Marsh Daisy

Marsh Daisy

Your Chickens

A rare layer breed with tinted eggs

Marsh Daisy

Origin: Britain

Classification: Light, rare

Size: Large fowl

Function: Layer

Egg colour: Tinted

Temperament: Active, aloof

Created in Southport in the 1880s by crossing an Old English Game bantam cock with Malay hens and then mating a cock from this mating with black Hamburg/white Leghorn cross hens. A resulting cock was then crossed back to the Hamburg/Leghorn hens and the offspring line bred until around 1913, when Pit game and Sicilian Buttercups were used to give us the bird we recognise today. Classed as a rare breed, the Marsh Daisy is seeing a resurgence of popularity amongst people who wish to preserve the old English breeds. Marsh Daisy colours are black, brown, buff, wheaten and white.

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