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Chickens on the move

09:51 23 January 2013

What should I use to transport my chickens?

Lawrence Beeken says:

A specially designed chicken carrier is best, but not always possible. So a sturdy box just a bit bigger than the chicken is a good option.

Make sure that any box you choose can be firmly closed and secured shut and is at least (if cardboard) double walled for rigidity.

Ensure there are sufficient ventilation holes, and that you have a good layer of shavings (4-6 cm) in the bottom. A layer of newspaper under the shavings helps absorb moisture generated by the chicken.

Remember the basics of any animal transport:

• Don’t transport on a hot day

• Don’t disturb the birds as they travel

• Ensure the boxes are secure and don’t slide around

• Don’t cram more than one bird per box

• Try to transport first thing in the morning or early evening

• If your journey is more an hour hour, stop to offer the birds a drink (but make sure they can’t escape).

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