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Best floor covering for hen house

Barbara Goode, Surrey
Thursday, March 3, 2011
10:09 AM

Can you advise me on the best kind of covering for the floor of my chicken shed, I have been told that shavings or sawdust are the best things to use, is this correct?

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Grant Brereton says: Different keepers use a variety of bedding (floor covering) but the best product to use is without doubt dust-free shavings. You can buy these at most feed stores and pet shops – the larger bails of shavings are much cheaper than the small packages you find in the shops.

The shavings are clean and easy to use; they keep drier longer than some other forms of bedding and are good for the health and welfare of the birds. Sawdust tends to be dusty and this can affect the birds breathing and contributes to the cause of respiratory problems, it is also not suitable during bad weather periods.


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