Only one chick hatched

Of six fertile eggs I recently purchased and put in my incubator, only one hatched. It is now in a brooder, but I was wondering if it will be OK to bring this one up on its own? I know chickens like company and feel it’s a bit cruel it being on its own. Or would it be best to purchase a chick of similar age? The egg that hatched is a male cuckoo Marans. I do have five chickens already, so it is only until this one is older enough to be outside.

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Hen won’t sleep on her perch

Please could you explain why my Light Sussex chicken sleeps in her nest box at night and what I should do to stop her?

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My chicken has runny droppings

I have two pure breed Rhode Island Reds. They are two years old and one of them has had runny droppings (greyish with white and sometimes brown diarrhoea). She was wormed for seven days with Flubenvet. That made no difference. I then treated her with Verm-X tonic for three days. Still no difference. During this time she seemed perfectly healthy and is laying regularly. I then took her to the vet who put her on Sylan Sol Powder, for five days. Still no change! Any thoughts on this?

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